How to create adwords account free 2017 for seo keyword research

How to create adwords account free for keyword research in the video shows that creation of adwords account for SEO keyword research and keyword planner.

google adwords account is for the searching keyword volume data. in this video tutorials we are shows that the problem during creation and signup on google adwords account.
many times user are stucked during signup because they are not mind that the first page of adwords account one option is skip the setup guided user also ignored it and fill the all asked data and stopped on campaign page. and user think that the adwords is paid but it’s wrong adwords account is free.
The solution of problem is a single link only when the you stucked on payment page you—

click on this link———–

after clicking on this link you redirect directly on main page of GOOGLE ADWORDS ACCOUNT. and then you can easily access on keyword planner. and search new keyword for finding keyword volume and search data.
how to create adwords account for free and do keyword research.

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