How to make free Video Calls/Chat with Skype.

In this video we will show you that how you make free calls with Skype without making an account.

We all know that Skype is a big company which allows users to make video calls and do other things but in this video we showed that you can make free video calls, voice calls, share anything, send emoticons and emoji & share your screen like Team-viewer.When you make the free video calls you can meet up with someone face to face who is living far from you and you feel comfortable.As we all know that Skype charges some balance in your Skype account for calling and by this method you can make free voice call or video call or anything for free.Just like the WhatsApp and Messenger you can do Voice Calls and Video Calls on the PCs and can also share you screen which is not available on WhatsApp or Messenger.This is the method by which you can do more than voice call on skype without making an account or without doing any sign up.This is for the video chat, video call and sharing your ideas or thoughts with others by this easy method and this is all for free.

NOTE : The link will be available for 24 hours only and you can add upto 300 people only if you add more than that then the link won’t work.


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