Artificial Intelligence A.I


What is artificial intelligence? AI Everybody curious to knows about artificial intelligence. Actually artificial intelligence AI is normally called as the future technology.
Artificial intelligence is helpful for humans but the it’s very dangerous in artificial intelligence that when the Ai robots are getting out of control of human. and artificial intelligence AI robots are not hesitate for arrest to any human and takes in his custody. It is the big problem of Ai that how to control the machines and how to utilize the machine power efficiently.

Explain Artificial intelligence ———

The CEO and the founder of the Facebook inc. MARK ZUKERBERG is also developed artificial intelligence but the Ai of zukerberg is not very accurate now. but in future the features of artificial intelligence is developed day by day like new born child. The Ai of Facebook is recognized the voice of only his owner mark zukerberg and works normally like speak only the already fixed answers of many types of questions and controlled the all home appliance like light on & off, fan on off, indications etc. are preformed by tha Jarvis artificial intelligence system it’s the based on the theme of iron man.

And second example is-

Artificial intelligence is shows in the Hollywood movie IRON MAN in this movie director are shows the how does artificial intelligence is works and how to fight and get rolls in the war. In this movie shows the war of future technology.

This time many artificial intelligence chat-bots and chat robots on the internet are also developed and the we are tell about the chat bots in my next videos. please keep watching and sharing for support.

The artificial intelligence is given below——————–
1- Jarvis.
2- Chatbots.
3- All Robots.

for more information about Ai please keep watching this video.

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